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Thank you for your interest in donating, we really appreciate any contribution.


Woodwork for Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company (CIC) aka Social Enterprise


We are a not for profit Social Enterprise limited by Guarantee which means there are no shareholders and shares. All our assets are guaranteed to St. Margaret's House. We rely on funding and donations at the moment and all donations go towards making our service better.


Every donation made goes towards:

  • Buying materials for those who can't afford it,

  • Development and expansion of our service within the community

  • Purchase and maintenence of new tools to broaden our appeal.



The Givey donate page has very high recommended donations (website default that we can't change). Please feel free to ignore these. Any amount at all will go towards resources...

From sand paper to a new lathe, or even a whole extra day of sessions. You can date regularly or just one off


Our outreach sessions we are looking to expand and develop will be aimed at local Refugees groups, AA attendees, Elderly people (East London Cares), GP surgery patients (Mission Practice, Bethnal Green) and other groups.


Thanks very much for your support!

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